• Accents


    With Menzner Hardwoods' diverse accents, you are free to enhance, add on to, or finish off your moulding details. Place rosettes at the corners of windows or plinths at the base of columns.
  • Menzner Stair Parts

    Menzner Stair Parts

    You want your stairway to draw attention for all the right reasons with minimal wear and tear. Customized stair parts wed style and durability to ensure your beautiful stairway is built to last.
  • Mouldings


    Moulding is the detail that gives character to your walls. It softens the distinction between floor and wall, enhances the junction of the ceiling and wall, flushes out windows and stylizes doorways.
  • Primed Poplar

    Primed Poplar

    Poplar conforms beautifully to any moulded shape - giving it great versatility. Better yet, we finish it with a two-coat latex primer so that you only need to apply a top coat of paint.
  • Surfaced Boards S4S

    Surfaced Boards S4S

    These surfaced-4-sides boards (S4S) can be used for any application - as baseboards, shelving or mantels, for example. S4S boards also come in veneered form or as primed poplar.
  • Veneered


    You certainly want quality, but you need to think about price. Veneer lets you put a distinctive face atop cost-effective materials such as particle-board, MDF or wood core substrates.

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