• 7" Perfection Shingle

    7″ Perfection Shingle

    Achieve the perfect balance of the deep texture of shakes and the clean lines of shingles. With crisp vertical grains and varied widths, Foundry perfection shingle siding has a traditional, rustic edge. Click here for more products.
  • Round Shingle

    Round Shingle

    Familiar geometry makes round-edge shingles our most popular, versatile shape. Choose rounds to add distinctive dimension to gables or anywhere that texture can add interest to the home, and combine colors for a one-of-a-kind effect. Using molds made from genuine cedar, Foundry vinyl round siding features a subtle grain and saw marks to lend a truly authentic air. Click here for more products.
  • Split Shake

    Split Shake

    Foundry's most popular vinyl cedar shake siding, split shake is manufactured from molds made of genuine cedar, giving it a warm, authentic texture. Scores of distinct cedar molds are used to achieve a hand-split appearance with random grooves and grain. A deep texture creates a captivating contrast between light and shadow. Click here for more products.
  • Staggered Shake

    Staggered Shake

    Dramatic and rugged, staggered shake siding features irregular butt ends, pronounced grain lines and varied widths. Long lines and random keyways add to the authentic, textural effect. Diverse, rough-hewn cedar molds are used to avoid patterns or repetition, ensuring the look of genuine cedar. Click here for more products.

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